Saturday, February 16, 2013

New start. Also book selling.

I have been a slacker. Mostly I felt like I had to wait until I had a big long story to post. I don't.

This is my blog and I will do what I want. And if that it post a one sentence story, I will.

If it's just a long string of expletives after a bad day, I'm going to fucking do it.

So there's that.

Also, I have a mini story I wanted to post.

Today I was at work and as I was putting shelving a couple of YA books I heard a couple talking in the nearby fiction section.

The man was trying to explain how much he loved a book to the woman who was scanning the shelves. Somewhere along the line I heard her say that he should just ask someone. So I went over and asked if they needed help.

The man said he was looking for a book about a gorilla. I had a couple of guesses but wasn't sure. He said he remembered that it was by an apple-something. I nodded and walked right back into my section (childrens) and rattled off the facts as I went. Katherine (I think I might have said K.A.) Applegate, just won the Newbery, The One and Only Ivan.

His face totally fell when he saw me go back into the kids section, that sometimes happens when adults realize the book they are looking for is in YA or some such. But then this amazing thing happened.

I said the title and picked up a copy of the book. His entire face brightened. He grabbed it and turned excitedly toward the woman. It happened so fast and he was so obviously passionate about the book. I couldn't help but smile.

He was probably in his mid to late 30's and was in this excited awe about this book. His doubt about it being in the childrens' section was gone as soon as he saw it. It was just amazing.

But there it is. My ministory. I'm such a book geek.


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