Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Colds Suck

So, I caught a cold.

I'm not psyched about this. Obviously.

The thing about a cold is that you're still functioning so there's no reason to call off of work but you're just sick enough to really hate your life. And, if you're me, it means you cry randomly.

Okay, so not exactly crying. But when I have a cold my eyes water randomly and frequently and so much than it looks like I'm crying.

I spent my shift at work looking like I'd spent all day crying on and off. I would pretty much weep asking people if they wanted bags or not. It was beyond ridiculous.

And apparently this is just me because everyone, even knowing that I was sick, thought something was wrong. In addition to spontaneously tearing up I had everyone asking me if I okay and, generally, not believing me when I said I was okay.

I am actually sick crying right now.

It's irritating.

There has to be someone else in the world whose eyes water when they have a cold. There has to be.


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