Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Rant About...Rants...

I know everyone is entitled to their opinion. I also know that social media is the perfect place to vent such rants. Generally speaking I try to stay out of such things. It's cool, have an opinion. It's your Facebook page so please, rant away.

That being said and this rant being started, I want to say that I realize this is what I am doing right now. I allow this point right off.

What I really hate are generalized rants where everyone within a certain circumstance are lumped together. For example, a friend on Facebook started going off about people who are angry after finding out that their might be horse meat in their hamburger meat. It's all meat. Why does it matter? Why should someone be upset that there is "horse carcass" in their "cow carcass." It's no different from eating a hotdog right?

I don't like hot dogs. And I like knowing what it is that I'm eating. I would also be upset. And I think it's an over simplification and an unfair lumping together to assume that every meat eater doesn't care what they're eating. The fact that I eat meat may not make sense to this person, and that's cool. But I do care what kind of meat I'm eating, as silly as that may seem to them.

And then about two seconds later someone else posted a rant about making comments using words like "rape" and "anorexia" and such without knowing the situation of the people around you. This one started off okay and I followed it and understood it. Okay. Then she went off about not using these words in any form and about the people who use them.

No, I don't know every situation everyone has ever been in but if I'm telling someone that my roommates worry about me walking home at night I shouldn't be afraid to say that they're worried I'll get mugged or raped. I'm no saying that rape is okay or that any of these issues should be taken lightly. But people don't openly talk about such things and quite frankly I don't think everyone should always have to censor themselves in case someone without ear shot is going to get offended. There is a difference between mentioning an event and being tasteless about it. But to ban anyone from every using these terms is just as bad.

And to say that anyone who uses them is bad is a gross over simplification and shows an appalling naivete. Not to mention an unwillingness to look at someone from someone else point of view that I think belittles the very point that the ranter was trying to highlight.

I have no issues with rants but it drives me crazy when some people just lump people together. At least try to use language that shows that you understand that not everyone is like this or that every situation is bad.

Anyway...that's that...I'm done. I really do try to stay out of these things.


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