Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boston in the Rain

I have that job interview tomorrow and it's in a place that I have never checked out.

Even though it was raining I took a borrowed umbrella, the bus and the train and went off that way. I had a couple of applications to drop off as well.

That area is absolutely beautiful. Since it was raining there weren't as many people and everything around looked so lush and green.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Significantly Less Than Epic Day

I hate public transit.

I hate college move-in weeks.

I hate labor day.

On a typical day it takes about 15, maybe 20 minutes of waiting before the bus gets to our stop. Then it's another 20 or so minutes to Kenmore station, where I work.

But this past weekend was move in at Boston University. I work at the Boston University bookstore. So, basically, this past weekend was Hell in a box. A big, coffee drenched, mocha syrup sticky, iced tea stained box.

Oh, yes, I also hate frappuccinos.