Thursday, August 23, 2012

Just a Few Things

1. I hate flies. I don't know how this giant one found it's way into my room with a closed door (perhaps the broken window?) but it needs to be defeated. It's already been hit by the ceiling fan but lo and behold, it's still not dead.

2. I need tall people in my life. I've grown spoiled at home with tall people. With tall people I might not have had to climb onto an unstable rolling chair to change the lightbulbs in the kitchen. Two out of three of them were out.

3. Light bulbs. I'm all for saving the environment or whatever but those energy saving bulbs and expensive and I have yet to see any of them last any longer than the regular ones. Screw that.

4. I would really love for this job to get back to me. She sent me an e-mail and told me not to worry about Wednesday and we'd do orientation on Friday but she needed to look at times and she'd e-mail me back. It's Thursday night...I don't know if I'm orientating tomorrow.

5. Why don't guys act like the ones in Jane Austen novels? I mean, really. Is a Frederick Wentworth so much to ask for?

6. I only cook when no one else is around. This may be a problem later.

7. Why does it take half an hour to order checks at the bank? Can't we just click a button and by done with it? Unless you have some awesome Harry Potter ones I don't need anything fancy.

8. It is perfectly acceptable to wear sandals. I like sandals.

There you have it. Not so epic Amy's not so epic list of today's grievances.  Just needed to throw those out there.


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