Monday, August 27, 2012

A Rough Patch

So, it's been a few days and things have happened. Lots of things.

First, the whole job debacle. There was an e-mail that I missed...of course. It would be far too convenient and easy if things had just worked out. I mean, we were e-mailing back and forth the whole time with no problems. Until this e-mail. The important e-mail. This e-mail told me what time I was supposed to be there and my schedule for the week. Pretty much every thing that I needed to know.

Well, I got my lazy self up at 7:30 so that I'd have plenty of time to find out if I had to be there at 9:30. There was no e-mail. I e-mailed her asking. Then, once the store opened, I called. But alas she was not in until 2:00. Confusion abounds. Then I got a phone call around 1:15...ish. It went kind of like this:

Work Woman: Hi, Amy?
Me: Hello!
W.W.: I'm not sure what happened but didn't you get my e-mail?
Me: Uh... The last one I got was Wednesday and you told me not to worry about doing orientation then and that you'd get back to me later. And then I never heard anything.
W.W.: The e-mail where I told you today and gave you your schedule?
Me: I didn't get that one.
W.W.: Oh. ...Well, we're doing orientation today if you want to come.
Me: Yeah! Sure! What time are you starting?
W.W.: Now. But don't kill yourself to get here we'll figure it out whenever you do.
Me: It'll take me about an hour to get there.
W.W.: Just by five is fine.

I got there at 2:30 because dear God could the bus have gotten stuck in anymore traffic? But I did get there and I interrupted orientation and had to start in the middle but we figured it out. It was a lot of stuff that I already knew having worked in a Barnes and Noble before. So, it was all okay. I did find out that nearly every single person, all but one actually, is leaving.

Well, yesterday was my first full day at work. It was definitely a full day. We got there at 10:00, two hours before the store opened and I worked until 6:30. It was a little exhausting but I think I'll get the hang of it pretty quick. I just need to remember how to make it all. It'll be something else entirely. 

Tomorrow is day two.

Despite that I still need another job. I just need to start applying again. I'm thinking Wednesday and/or Thursday.

I had a bit of a rough go of it the other day. The landlady was supposed to be in to fix my window. No body knew what time so I stayed up late (five ish is late, even for me) to shove everything to one side of my room in case it was early. I had to climb over the back of the bed to get into it and then had to move it again since I realized that I couldn't get into my dresser. It was all a hooplah. Then I got up around nine (which is plenty early for me) so that I would be ready.

I was tired and cranky because I was awake. But then I saw that three of the boxes from my Mum arrived. I was psyched. Until I opened one and saw that the glass in the frame that held the pictures of me and my siblings and one of the whole family had shattered. I was upset (especially since the glass was frosted around the pictures so it actually made up the frame in a way because there was nothing holding the pictures in) But I took a deep breath and grabbed it and went into the kitchen to clean up the broken pieces. It happens. Then I saw that the broken glass has scratched and cracked a clear plastic frame that was also in the box. On top of that, it also attacked my poor copy of The Drawing of the Three. I was less than psyched again. So, back in the kitchen I start throwing bits of glass into a bag when one of the roommates informs us that landlady is not going to be fixing the window. I got even more upset. Bordering on tears. I was just so frustrated and tired. There were a few other things that had me freaking, mostly comments that were unintentionally insensitive. I took a nap instead of sobbing in a corner.

Of course today my last box arrived and my Harry Potter Ultimate edition box set was a little mangled. I've decided to have a vendetta against the post office. It'll stop when I have to mail something. Bastards always win.

There could be more but it's should probably go in the transit post, which is coming.

Anyway, I should probably get editing, I didn't do any yesterday so I'm slacking.

Later, my loves,


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