Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Boston in the Rain

I have that job interview tomorrow and it's in a place that I have never checked out.

Even though it was raining I took a borrowed umbrella, the bus and the train and went off that way. I had a couple of applications to drop off as well.

That area is absolutely beautiful. Since it was raining there weren't as many people and everything around looked so lush and green.

First I head to the mall where my interview is. When I walk into the mall the first thing that I see is Louis Vuitton. That gives me a little pause. I'm not exactly Louis Vuitton material. The second thing I see is Dior. That makes me full-on stop. I so do not belong in this mall. I wandered a little and felt worse and worse and worse.

Then I went to the second floor and felt a little better about life. Bath and Body Works, American Eagle, and Teavana, where my interview is, are all up there. Much better. Still not all me but much better.

After that I wandered a little, turned in my applications and just walked. Newbury Street is way better this way because it's usually so crowded. I went to Georgetown Cupcakes, the place from the show DC Cupcakes (this is their Boston location). I splurged and got myself a red velvet cupcake. It was wonderful.

I stopped in an awesome candy store and then walked a little more. My applications turned in I headed back to the station. But I stopped. There was this beautiful church on the corner.

The Old South Church is absolutely stunning. Dark wood and stained glass. It was was amazing just to walk into it. I'd love to take some pictures in it next time. They have these old headstones in the wall outside too that were just cool to see and all of this wonderful greenery outside the doors. I lingered around there for a little while. I really wished my parents had been there. I think they would have loved it.

Then I figured I would wonder around a little, why the Hell not? I wasn't daunted by the rain. There was less crowd, it worked for me. I saw a few more interesting looking shops and wondered through the Public Gardens, which are also beautiful. There was more I would have liked to see and do but it was starting to really rain and it was getting late so I turned back.

I think this was one of my first good Boston days. I loved wandering. I haven't done much before because I always felt like I had too much to do. All I've seen is what is on my bus route for the most part. It was awesome. I wasn't rushed, I wasn't trying to appease anyone, I wasn't planning on seeing anything, just walking.

There was just something really awesome about it. There was just the city and the rain and history that still oozes out of it.

Next time I'd like to go without my purse. Just myself. Just walk around. There were a few things I'd like a closer look at. Plus there are so many areas I haven't been to yet.

We'll see how it goes.


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